Why Do You Need to Change Your Vehicle’s Oil?


Why is an oil change so important for your vehicle's health

Changing the oil in your vehicle is essential maintenance for the long-term healthy of your vehicle. The oil in your engine acts as a lubricant helping reduce friction between the many moving parts and keeping them playing nice with one another. Over time, oil can become dirty and contaminated thus reducing its effectiveness and adding unnecessary stress on your engine.

Regular oil changes ensure that your engine is running smoothly and efficiently, helping to prolong it's lifespan. Costly repairs can come as a result of poor, dirty motor oil. In addition, regular oil changes can improve fuel economy, as dirty oil causes your engine to work harder resulting in higher fuel consumption.

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Another important reason to change your oil is to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Changing your oil regularly will help to remove contaminants and sludge that can clog your engine's moving parts.

Changing the oil in your vehicle is a critical maintenance task that shouldn't be taken lightly. Regular oil changes help to keep your engine running smoothly, improve fuel economy and prevent engine damage resulting in breakdowns. It's important to follow the recommended oil change intervals from your manufacturer.