Toyota unveils a lot of concepts at the Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota was one of the busiest automakers at this year’s Toyota International Auto Show. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled a handful of concepts that showcase Toyota’s ability to develop models that cater to a wide range of consumers and their needs. Although not every concept may make to market, the fact remains that if just some of the technologies seen in Tokyo can find their way to other Toyota vehicles, the future will certainly be bright for the manufacturer.

A wide range of Toyota electric engines showcased in Tokyo

Toyota has always been at the cutting edge of electrified powertrains starting with the Toyota Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle offered in North America. It is therefore no surprise that the concepts unveiled in Tokyo featured a wide range of different green powertrains including new hybrid engines and even a hydrogen-powered electric engine.

The latter was featured in the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, a luxury FCEV model that is powered by a fuel cell system that provides 1,000 kilometers of range. It takes only 3 minutes to fill up the Fine-Comfort Ride, but what really stands out about this model is the interior.

Featuring a diamond layout that provides more space for passengers, the Fine-Comfort Ride’s cockpit is also modular which means that the seats can pivot or be lowered for added versatility.

Next came a wide range of hybrid engines like the one found in the Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept. No question about it, this model closely resembles a next-generation Toyota 86 although Toyota hasn’t confirmed anything.

What we do know about the Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept is that it is built on the Toyota 86’s platform and that it also shares its interior. That said, its engine is a hybrid powertrain and it has been tuned to optimally perform on a track.

Finally, Toyota surprised everyone with the TJ Cruiser concept and has many hoping we are looking at the next-generation Toyota FJ Cruiser. The TJ Cruiser concept certainly looks the part with an impressive and rugged design and a cargo area that folds flat to fit just about anything. A hybrid engine that uses a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder unit and an electric motor sends its power to all four wheels.

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