Toyota launches new Concept-i series in Tokyo

Japanese automaker Toyota is aiming to improve urban mobility with a new concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last week. The all-new Toyota Concept-I series is not just a new way to get around the city, it is a new way of interacting with your own vehicle.

Artificial intelligence helps the car understand the driver

Toyota is pushing the envelope as far as it can go with the new Concept-I series. According to the Japanese automaker, the Concept-I series of vehicles will be able to use artificial intelligence to better understand the driver and ultimately allowing the vehicle and its driver to become partners in a way.

In more concrete terms, Concept-I vehicles use a technology developed by Honda that is called LEARN and that is capable of recognizing emotions and estimating driver preferences. The system can then use automated driving technologies to get the driver to an area where he or she feels more at peace. This can also be used to lead the driver to a situation that he or she will find amusing. There are actually four levels to this system: LEARN, PROTECT, and INSPIRE.

Although Concept-I vehicles won’t begin testing until 2020, it’s certainly amazing to see where this technology is going. To learn more about Toyota’s innovative technologies, contact us today at Newmarket Toyota!