Off Roading with Amanda & Her 2020 Toyota 4Runner

toyota 4runner

We join Amanda for some off-road fun in her Toyota 4Runner TRD

In Canada we know a thing or two about taking advantage of the summer months! So when I was finally able to get out to see our customer Amanda and her 4Runner, I was excited! We have been planning to go off-roading since the winter but COVID and the weather had other plans for us. Last week everything aligned and we were able to take the 4Runner through some muddy roads. The funniest part is, as soon as we finished a huge storm rolled in so it was perfect timing. Now, let’s be clear - the 4Runner can handle any weather condition, in any season but for photos sake we opted to wait until the conditions were better.

2020 Toyota 4Runner 2020 Toyota 4Runner 4 Runner

Amanda is an avid mountain biker & was on the hunt for a truck to fit her lifestyle. She was first drawn to Toyota because of the Tacoma but once she discovered the 4Runner she was sold! The 2020 4Runner TRD has amazing capabilities on and off the road making it ideal for all of Amanda’s adventures. She also loved how she can pack up all her gear and have plenty of space in the the trunk. The 4Runner TRD also comes with the roof basket for extra storage while driving. Amanda also beefed up the tires for extra handling for the winter too. Let’s just say that this truck has thought of everything!

4 Runner 4runner